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La Maison IVY

La Maison Ivy
 is a luxury brand that was created to have a positive impact on the environment and people. Because in 2022, the two Swiss founders believe that it is no longer possible to pretend. It is no longer possible to close our eyes to what our planet is going through. We must act, create, speak, share, help each other and do our best. This how IVY was born, from the passion of two women entrepreneurs for upcycling and vintage quality.

Our mission : to offer luxury upcycled pieces to a conscious and responsible community. But also to inform, share and prove that it is possible to combine ecology and fashion.

AUTHENTICITY : each piece is unique and handmade in our workshops in Switzerland.
INNOVATION : All pieces are carefully selected by the Swiss designer and then assembled in our workshops in Monthey. Upcycling allows us to improve quality vintage pieces to make them works of art.
RESPONSABILITY : Our entire production chain is based on responsibility towards our planet and above all towards people. We promote local know-how by helping former prostitutes to reintegrate into the job market through sewing. We want IVY to be 100% socially and environmentally responsible.
PREMIUM QUALITY : Slow-fashion is not only about slowing down the production process (the opposite of fast-fashion), but above all about ensuring the quality of each piece so that they can be kept for as long as possible. Our goal is not to push consumption, but to make sure that your favorite item lasts a lifetime.
STYLE : being eco-responsible and stylish, a myth come true? IVY is the assembly of two explosive cocktails with the aim of denouncing human abuse and the scandals of the textile industry. And if each of them had a super power, it would be the taste for fashion for one and the creativity for the other. Upcycling allows us to make modern and immortal quality vintage pieces.