It's time to match your values : upcycling only - garments unique like you (no restock possible)


What does “upcycling” mean? 
Upcycling is the process of upgrading a pre-loved item to make it better and give it a new life instead of throwing it away.
Each piece from La Maison IVY is unique as there is only one jacket, one scrunchie and one set of baby bows that are made out of each scarf. And each scarfs and jackets are chosen by the founders of IVY personally, which allows the best designs and the best quality before to be sew in our workshops in Monthey, Switzerland.
By providing unique piece handly crafted and 100% eco-responsible, we are promoting the slow fashion movement which is that instead of pushing people to buy more, we want them to buy less but better pieces. This is why we provide long lasting basics that will be a long lasting love story from generations to generations. 
The fashion industry is one of the most polluted one and where there are the most human’s rights violations. Our brand does not only provide eco-responsible clothes and accessories, but also make sure that we do good for the planet and our people.
In the Japonese culture there is the art of reparing broking pottery with gold, which is called “Kintsugi”. The beauty of each piece resides in their imperfections, which make them unique. Just like in life, we have the choice to throw the broken pieces or to make the best out of it. We believe that just like these potteries, humans’ scars are what make them as unique as they are. And this is why we choose to help as many women as we could to go out of the prostitution and giving them a way out of it through making pieces of Art.