It's time to match your values : upcycling only - garments unique like you (no restock possible)

Your unique customized garments

You've dreamed it, we realize it.
Uniques pieces upcylced and crafted according to your own taste.
You can choose the colour of your denim jacket (light blue, dark, black, grey, white etc.), your favorite scarf amongst those we have in stock and then add the option you want : 
Would you rather having a scrunchie to match your jacket or a headband?
Do you want to make a jacket for your daughter too? Or baby bows for her hair that she could keep for her braids later on?
Tell us more about your taste, values and inspirations and we will bring your imagination to life.
Thank you for your trust, we are looking forward to provide a longlasting and unique set for your wardrobe.
With love and creativity,
La Maison IVY.
*The waiting list for the tailored made upcycled set is full until August 2023.