Unique pieces of Art (upclycling only) ethically made in Switzerland - Free Shipping Worldwide

Your unique customized Collection

You've dreamed it, we realize it.

Choose to make your own tailored made pieces according to your unique taste.

Thanks to our custom-made service, you can choose the vintage jacket and the pre-loved scarf of your choice and we will make a unique piece just for you.

Choose your denim jacket (light blue, dark, black, grey, white etc.)
Choose your favorite scarf (designs, length, material etc.)

And add the option you want:

Would you rather having a scrunchie to match your jacket or a headband?

Do you want to make a jacket for your daughter too? and maybe baby bows for her hair that she could keep for her braids later on?

La Maison IVY is known for its creative talent to conceive unique pieces representing the uniqueness of their owner. Tell us more about your taste, values and inspirations and we will bring your imagination to life.

Tailored made solution + timeless memories : you have your own scarf that you would like to keep for the next generation and still enjoying its beauty right away? 

At La Maison IVY we can create a piece of Art with your own scarf, because we all know that we keep some scarf for emotionnally reasons (a gift from a loved one, a inheritance from our Grand mother etc) but we end up never wearing them.

If this is the case and you want to create a maximum of options from your scarf (accessories, jacket etc) you can send us your scarf directly and we will provide you unique pieces for your wadrobe and the next generation.

For more information, please send us back the formular inclosed and our fashion designer will contact you as soon as possible to start the process of creation.

Thank you for your trust,


La Maison IVY.

*The waiting list for the tailored made collections is full until May 2023.