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We are convinced that we must act and now. The fashion industry is one of the most polluting on the planet and yet it is not necessary to import our clothes from the other side of the world to be stylish. And this is the challenge that our founders have taken up; to innovate where chain stores push us to over-consumption, they have chosen to slow down production. Where collections are constantly changing, they have chosen to create unique pieces that last over time. Where human trafficking is in the headlines, they have chosen to help people in difficulty to reintegrate into working life. Where vintage mentalities are still far behind, they have chosen to invest in the future.
And this is thanks to you.

Because we believe that each person has a piece to contribute to the puzzle of a better world and that the best way to change the world is to change yourself.
"There are no small gestures when they are made with a big heart".

If not now, when? If not for you, do it for them. We are all tomorrow's mothers, aunts and sisters, the future can only get better if we give our energies to projects that matter and make a difference. And that's what IVY is all about, being unique and responsible, not just appearing, but really making a difference because we have deep values that want to believe that tomorrow will be better than yesterday, and that our children will still be able to breathe unpolluted air and drink clean water from the tap.

We are a community. We are women that don’t wait for the change to come, but act accordingly on daily basis. by buying an Ivy Item you are taking part of a project way bigger than just ourselves. You are becoming a full actionnaire of Time for the Planet because with each purchase of a jacket, we donate 100.- to their projects.

What is Time for the Planet?
TFTP, created in April 2019, is a holding company investing in the fight against climate change in France and abroad, and working under the brand Time for the Planet.

We are not sponsored by Time For the Planet, we simply believe in their projects and the more we move in the right direction the better the world will be...



How can we be fully sustainable while making clothes?

We take quality vintage jackets and pre-loved scarves, so we do not participate in overproduction. We only use raw materials that is already existing. We upcycled them to make them a unique piece of Art. Each piece is selected by one of our Swiss designer before to be sew together by our employees that are former sex workers who are in professional reintegration, in this way we can help them to improve their lifes.

Our entire process must respect our human values : respect for the environment and people, authenticity, quality and innovation.
Through our social networks, we promote women entrepreneurship and slow fashion. For us everything is possible, but we must act.