It's time to match your values : upcycling only - garments unique like you (no restock possible)


We are convinced that we must act and now. The fashion industry is one of the most polluting on the planet and yet it is not necessary to import our clothes from the other side of the world to be stylish. And this is the challenge that our founders have taken up; to innovate where chain stores push us to over-consumption, they have chosen to slow down production. Where collections are constantly changing, they have chosen to create unique pieces that last over time. Where human trafficking is in the headlines, they have chosen to help people in difficulty to reintegrate into working life. Where vintage mentalities are still far behind, they have chosen to invest in the future.

Because we believe that each person has a piece to contribute to the puzzle of a better world and that the best way to change the world is to change yourself.

"There are no small gestures when they are made with a big heart".

Our mission is to offer luxury upcycled garments to a conscious and responsible community. But also to inform, share and prove that it is possible to combine eco-responsibility and fashion by being : 

  • AUTHENTICAL; each piece is unique and handmade in our workshops in Switzerland.
  • CREATIVE; upcycling allows us to give a new life to quality vintage pieces and to make them into a works of art, while not compromising the planet.
  • RESPONSIBLE; our entire production chain is based on responsibility towards our planet and above all towards people. We promote local know-how by helping former escorts to reintegrate into the job market through sewing and creativity. Social and environment's impacts are part of our DNA. 
  • USING PREMIUM QUALITY; slow-fashion is not only about slowing down the production process (the opposite of fast-fashion), but above all about ensuring the quality of each piece so that they can be kept for as long as possible. Our goal is not to push consumption, but to make sure that your favorite item lasts as long as possible.
  • DOING IT WITH STYLE; being eco-responsible and stylish, a myth or reality? This you decide, but we will always do our best to provide the most stylish pieces we can. 
How can we be fully sustainable while making clothes?

As we upcycle we are actually bringing back value to clothes that were already loved. We don't produce, we only use raw materials that are already existing and leave space for our creativity to create unique pieces of Art that will last longer thanks to the quality of the fabrics chosen. Each items is hand crafted with love in Switzerland and through our social networks, we promote women's entrepreneurship and help former sex workers to reintegrate a normal life and gaining self-confidence through sewing.
We are a community, La Maison IVY represents the women that don’t wait for the change to come, but act accordingly on daily basis. by buying an Ivy Item you are taking part of a project way bigger than just ourselves. You are becoming a sharefolder of Time for the Planet because with each purchase of a jacket, we donate CHF100.- to their projects.

What is Time for the Planet?

Time For The Planet is a holding company investing in the fight against climate change in France and abroad with the aim to diminish the C02 in the World by investing in impactful projects.