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ATTRACTION (Unique Piece)

4,950.00 CHF

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Unique Piece Of Art :

Upcycled vintage denim jacket : 100% Cotton

Pre-loved scarf : 100% Silk
Size : L

The full ATTRACTION's collection includes : a matching scrunchie and baby bows (100% silk) and a Kid's denim jacket (first full collection of La Maison IVY).

At IVY each piece is unique and its value might go up through the time.

The denim jackets are high quality as they are vintage and already lived through time. These jackets are in excellent condition and will never go out of style, this is why we choose them carefully.

Each pre-loved scarf is selected by the Swiss designer and handly crafted in our factories to make each jacket a unique piece of Art, just like you.

Why La Maison IVY ?

By buying one of our unique pieces you are directly contributing to a better World. In fact, every piece is made with love in Switzerland by ex-street workers that became professional seamstresses thanks to you.

And for each jacket sold, we donate $100 to Time For Fhe Planet, which make you a direct contributor to their mission to diminish the C02 emissions in the World. 

So the question remaining is Why not.

Thank you for being the change.