It's time to match your values : upcycling only - garments unique like you (no restock possible)

Pièce unique - Flower edition

Unique piece upcycled and ethically made in Switzerland

59.90 CHF

Sold out

Limited edition, Upcycling only 💕

At IVY each piece is unique and its value might go up through the time.

This is « Flowers » from the « spring vibes » and it was upcycled from a pre-loved small dress. There is only one scrunchy like this beauty in the world 🌎 

We choose quality over quantity, by providing luxury accessories created to last. Our elastic is known for its long lasting and righting any type of hairs and our upcycled fabrics are chosen especially to avoid damage to your hair.

Thank you for being part of the change and to dress ethically.